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22 March 2018
Statement In Regard To DigiCert® Revocation & Symantec® Distrust

Trustico® has already provided some input in response to specific issues in that debate but would like to take this opportunity to 'set the record straight' as it considers itself to have been unfairly and wrongly maligned.

28 February 2018
Distrusted Symantec® SSL Replacement

In good conscience we decided it wasn't ideal to have any active SSL Certificates on the Symantec systems, nor any that didn't meet our stringent security requirements.

27 February 2018
TLS/SSL Maximum Validity Period Policy Change

Decreasing the maximum lifetime of SSL Certificates from three years to two years helps reduce the presence of older, outdated and possibly vulnerable SSL Certificates that were issued before new regulations were put in place.

13 February 2018
Trustico® Abandons Symantec® SSL Certificates

Effective immediately, Trustico® will cease to offer Symantec® branded SSL Certificates : Symantec®, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL in the lead up to launching their new website trust seals and Trustico® branded SSL Certificates.

9 February 2018
Important Announcement For Symantec Depreciation

Our website will be updated today to reflect a change in the products that we offer and the depreciation of the Symantec brands. As a valued partner of Comodo, we've updated our systems to minimize disruption with our API and ordering processes by enabling the automatic selection and ordering of equivalent products from the Comodo range. This means that if you attempt to order a depreciated product, you'll be presented with an alternate trusted product.

1 November 2017
Comodo® CA Sold To Private Equity Firm

The Certificate authority (CA) business of Comodo® has seen its majority share sold to Francisco Partners for an undisclosed amount. At the same time, DigiCert® completed its billion-dollar purchase of Symantec's former certificate business. At the same time, DigiCert® completed its billion-dollar purchase of Symantec's former certificate business.

11 September 2017
Chrome's Plan to Distrust Symantec® Certificates

The Chrome team and the PKI community converged upon a plan to reduce, and ultimately remove, trust in Symantec’s infrastructure in order to uphold users’ security and privacy when browsing the web.

03 August 2017
DigiCert to Acquire Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions

At a time when it’s absolutely critical that businesses are safeguarded from the advanced cyber security threats infiltrating the web, through this acquisition customers will benefit from a company that is solely focused on delivering the leading identity and encryption solutions they require.

18 July 2017
Who's Authenticating Your SSL Certificate?

Today we're writing this e-mail to confirm to you that Comodo® SSL Certificates are not affected by the proposed requirements Google and Mozilla are imposing on other Certificate Authorities. There's been some recent events that raise the question of who is authenticating SSL Certificates - this can have a serious impact on you and your customers.

22 Jun 2017
Comodo® and Trustico® Team Up in Strategic Worldwide Partnership

Comodo®, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions and the worldwide leader in digital certificates, and Trustico® a leading SSL/TLS certificate and hosting solutions provider, today announced a strategic worldwide partnership to enhance Trustico's solutions offering with Comodo's market leading TLS/SSL certificate portfolio and Comodo® cWatch Web, a fully managed security solution for websites and applications.

23 March 2017
Important Message from Symantec® Website Security

On March 23, Google posted a blog on a public forum outlining a set of proposals targeted at Symantec® SSL/TLS certificates. This was unexpected, and I wanted to reach out to explain what this proposal means for Symantec® customers and how we will respond to Google's proposal, if implemented, in order to ensure business continuity for you. I also want to address Google's claims about Symantec's certificate issuance processes and reaffirm our continued commitment to transparency of our practices as a public certificate authority.

26 September 2016
New Trustico® Products & Services - Investing $600k Toward New Systems

As a market leader for online security services for businesses and one of the largest SSL retailers globally, Trustico® today announced a strategic rollout of new products, services and platforms to significantly enhance its global exposure and strengthen its presence in the European and Asia Pacific markets.

18 October 2014
Certificate Transparency, Impacting Extended Validation SSL

Certificate Transparency (CT), a Google initiative, requires all Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, along with certificate details, to be registered in public CT logs before the end of January 2015 in order to continue having the green address bar displayed in Chrome.

14 October 2014
SSL 3.0 POODLE Attack Vulnerability

This vulnerability does not affect SSL Certificates. No change to existing SSL Certificates are necessary. Customers should review and update the configuration of their web servers to eliminate this vulnerability. Researchers have published a vulnerability with SSL 3.0 (POODLE) that could allow an attacker to decrypt secure cookies sent over a secure connection.

10 October 2014
SHA-1 Beyond December 31, 2015 (Transition To SHA-2)

Microsoft and Google announced SHA-1 deprecation plans that may affect websites with SHA-1 SSL Certificates. Chrome version 39 and later will display visual security indicators on sites with SHA-1 SSL certificates with validity beyond January 1, 2016.

29 June 2012
Symantec® Revokes MD5 Signed SSL Certificates

As of June 30, 2011, Mozilla ended their support of the MD5 signature algorithm. Since then, pertinent SSL Certificates signed with an MD5 algorithm have continued to work correctly, however in line with Mozilla's request; Symantec® began revoking SSL Certificates this week.

03 May 2012
2011 Trends - Internet Security Threat Report Released By Symantec®

Symantec® has established some of the most comprehensive sources of internet threat data in the world through the Symantec® Global Intelligence Network, which is made up of more than 64.6 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second.

24 April 2012
New Domain Validated (DV) Authentication Process Announced By Symantec®

The current manual authentication process is reliant on domain owner approval via e-mail which can be problematic and can cause issuance delays due to private registration not allowing carryover data and end users not responding to, or misplacing, e-mail.

16 March 2012
Symantec® Response To Google Browser Security Issues

After announcements by Google that they will be stripping OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) and CRL (Certificate Revocation List) checks from their latest release of the popular Chrome web browser, Symantec® has again in recent days slammed this decision by Google, labelling the move as "misguided and dangerous."

09 February 2012
The Question Of The Safety Of SSL Rises Again

Symantec® have released a statement that the Trust Services (SSL), User Authentication (VIP, PKI, FDS), and other production systems acquired by Symantec® were not compromised by the corporate network security breach mentioned in the Verisign, Inc. quarterly filing.

02 February 2012
A New Industry Standard For Issuing And Managing SSL Certificates

The security of SSL Certificates was under much scrutiny last year after high profile security breaches of Certificate Authorities resulted in the bankruptcy of Dutch Certificate Authority Diginotar, while the large European Certificate Authority GlobalSign had to stop issuing SSL Certificates while they investigated whether a breach of their security structure resulted in rogue SSL Certificates being issued.

30 December 2008
Response To MD5 Collision

Earlier today at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, three researchers presented a paper in which they had used an MD5 collision attack and substantial computing firepower to create a false SSL Certificate using the RapidSSL brand of SSL Certificates.

08 April 2008
Trustico® Joins Ratepoint℠ Partner Program

RatePoint, Inc., a market leader for online reputation management and customer feedback platforms for businesses, and Trustico®, one of the largest SSL retailers globally, today announced a strategic reseller partnership that allows RatePoint to significantly enhance its global exposure and strengthen its presence in the European and Asia-Pacific markets.