Thawte® Site Seal

Give Your Customers Confidence

The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is a dynamic image appearing on your website that allows visitors to tell at a glance that they can trust your website, that your online site is validated and that they can transact safely and securely.

Your Thawte® Site Seal Is Included With Your SSL Certificate

The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is included free of charge with all Thawte® SSL Certificate products.

The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is a dynamic image with a direct link to the Thawte® SSL Certificate server for verification.

It's Easily identified by customers and instills consumer confidence - so that they are aware they can trust online transactions conducted with you and is available in 18 languages : Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, English, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Icelandic, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Spanish and Slovenian.

The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is available in 3 different sizes/styles and can be displayed on secure and non-secure pages of your website. Refer to the examples below for more information.

The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is easily displayed on your website using easy to install html code that you can copy and paste into your website pages.

How To Install The Site Seal On Your Website

To display the Thawte® Secure Seal on your website please Click Here and follow the instructions on the Thawte® website.

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